Everyone likes to unwind after a long day. Some soak in the tub, some settle in with a book or tv show, and some have a glass of wine. But however you recharge your batteries, there’s one thing everyone has in common: when it’s time to relax, we light a candle.

At Jewelry Candles, we want your relaxation to be a little more glamorous. That’s why we use the most decadent scents in each of our scented jewelry candles. We have a candle for all seasons, so you can enjoy the perfect ambience on any occasion (and receive a special surprise in each candle)!

What is that “special surprise,” you ask? Each of our candles contain some buried treasure: a piece of jewelry you’ll find as the wax burns away. These candles allow you to be your most fabulous self, enjoying wonderful scents while wearing a brand new ring, necklace, bracelet, pendant, or pair of earrings!

Scented Candles with Jewelry Inside

If you ask us, truly great candles are all about the scent. We expertly combine delicious and luxurious ingredients to create strong, long-lasting, and intoxicating scents. Choose from scents like African Violets, Banana Nut Bread, or Hot Toddy -- whatever you are craving, we have the scented candle to delight your senses.

And that’s not all: each candle contains a piece of jewelry, valued between $15 and $7,500. You can choose the jewelry you want (ring, necklace, bracelet, pendant, or earrings), or opt for a total surprise. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with our jewelry!

Our scented jewelry candle is a great gift for the holidays, birthdays, graduation, or just about any other occasion. In fact, our candle is the gift that keeps on giving: at first your loved ones get a sweet-smelling candle, and later they’re surprised with something sparkly that they’re sure to love.

Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Beautiful

Retailers: did you know you can sell Jewelry Candles in your boutique or gift shop? Our beautiful products will fly right off your shelves! We’re happy to offer you wholesale pricing on all our products. We even offer co-branded candles, with custom labels that feature your store’s logo right beside ours!

Every scented jewelry candle in our store is made in the USA. Our candles are vegan and cruelty-free too, so you can feel great about every Jewelry Candles product you buy. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your business, or your friends, you’ll fall in love with the candles in our store.

Do you have questions about our scented candles with jewelry? Call 1 (800) 513-1675, use this form to email your question, or chat with us in the chat box at the bottom of this page. We’re available Monday through Friday from 10am-6pm EST, and we can’t wait to talk to you!

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