Half Dozen Jewelry Roses Collection

Our brand new Jewelry Roses are now offered by the half dozen! So how do they work you ask?! Well quite simply they are amazing for 4 reasons! Reason number 1, they never die! The buds of the roses are hand carved wooden roses so unlike real roses, these never die and look great for many years to come! Reason number 2, unlike real roses that only have a faint scent to them, these have a very strong fragrance that lasts on the bouquet for not weeks but literally months due to us dipping them in our very special proprietary fragranced wax blend! (Depending on which scent you pick as some scents are lightr than others but the strongest, longest lasting and most POPULAR scent we have is our fresh cut rose scent!) Reason number 3, they come arranged in a REAL rose box as a real dozen roses would come arranged with artificial babies breath and all! Reason number 4 and the final main reason our Jewelry Roses are an amazing gift she'll adore is that just like the rest of our amazing products, these come with a surprise piece of jewelry attached to the stem of each bouquet! The jewelry piece will always be a surprise as to what it will look like but you may pick the TYPE of jewelry and size of jewelry you wish to come with each bouquet. Our current offerings as to the types of jewelry you may choose from are a ring, a necklace (pendant), a bracelet, or a pair of earrings! Just as with the rest of our products the value of each jewelry piece has a minimum retail value of $10 and goes upwards of $7500! If you choose a ring as your jewelry selection you may even pick your ring size from size 5 through size 11 this way we have something for everyone!

Thanks again for checking out our amazing Jewelry Roses and if you'd love to see some (just a small sample page but we offer over 7500 ever changing pieces of jewelry in our products to keep things interesting!) jewelry pieces that past customers have gotten with our Jewelry Roses and in our other products please click HERE!

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