Barbie Inspired, I Love Ken Cash Money Candle



Introducing the Barbie Inspired, I Love Ken Cash Money Candle, a glamorous and enchanting candle that embodies the essence of a Barbie-inspired celebration. This candle is perfect for those who adore the iconic Barbie doll and want to infuse their space with a touch of elegance and fun.

The scent of the I Love Ken Cash Money Candle is inspired by the sophistication and playfulness of Barbie herself. It features a delightful blend of sugared pink roses, vanilla cupcakes, and a hint of sparkling champagne. This exquisite fragrance will fill your home with a glamorous and joyful aroma, creating an enchanting atmosphere for any occasion.

Crafted with the highest quality, this candle is made from premium soy wax infused with essential oils, providing a clean and long-lasting burn time of over 80 hours. Its premium cotton wicks ensure a steady and even flame, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scent without any worries.

Not only does this candle boast a stunning fragrance, but it also comes with a delightful surprise. Inside each Barbie Dream Birthday Cash Money Candle, you'll find a genuine $2 bill tucked away amidst the wax. As you burn the candle, you'll unveil the hidden treasure, adding an element of excitement and fun to your candle experience. But that's not all – some lucky individuals might stumble upon an extra cash prize of up to $2500 in addition to the $2 bill! This makes the Barbie I Love Ken Cash Money Candle a perfect gift for Barbie fans and candle enthusiasts alike.

Choosing this candle means making an eco-friendly and sustainable choice. With its non-toxic formulation and absence of lead, plastics, parabens, and synthetic additives, you can enjoy a luxurious candle while being mindful of the environment.

In summary, the Barbie I Love Ken Cash Money Candle is the epitome of elegance, charm, and excitement. Its delightful Barbie-inspired scent, combined with the surprise cash prize, makes it a perfect addition to any Barbie lover's home. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with this enchanting candle, and let the Barbie magic fill your space with joy and sophistication.

Features of the Barbie I Love Ken Cash Money Candle:

  • Authentic $2 bill hidden inside every candle.
  • 100 percent premium natural soy wax candle with premium cotton wicks.
  • 21 oz. candle with a typical burn time of 80-100 hours.
  • Made with high-grade custom fragrances & essential oils.
  • Non-toxic and contains no lead, plastics, parabens, or synthetic additives.

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