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Ring Candles - Ring Sizes Offered in our Ring Candle ...

We've been asked a lot lately what sizes do we offer in our Ring Candles so I wanted to take the time to answer that quickly here with this blog post for you guys :)

We currently offer sizes 5 to 10 in our Ring Candle as those are the most popular sizes. We do take special requests though if you wear a smaller size than 5 or a larger size than 10 please just shoot us an email at and we will see what we can do for ya! We don't want anyone to be left out of this amazing and fun experience :)

Another question that we've been getting lately is if we offer "half sizes" in our rings. 

Currently we do not offer half sizes but who knows , maybe in the future that is something we may consider, we always like to keep an open mind and heart to our customer, reps and fan requests :)

Any other questions? Just contact us and have a great day !

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  • L:ynette Smith on

    Just a thought….there are a lot of us plus size women out there that wear a larger size ring than 10……you might think about making some with sizes up to 12 or 13…..I bet you would sell a lot of them!!

  • Katie Bramer on

    Hi ladies!
    I was hoping to get my sister a Christmas present but she wears size 12 in a womans ring. I really really hope you can help me out, she wants one so bad!
    Thank you-

  • Colleen M. on

    I would like to knw how I can order roses&candles

  • Hilary Mitchell on

    I think its GREAT that you offer the option to choose your ring size! Way to go in valuing your customers!!!!!! :)

  • dale cardenas on

    I want to order some for Christmas .How can I order them?

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