Ring Candles - Choose your own ring size in an amazing , highly scented soy candle !


So what is a Ring Candle?

Ring Candles are an all natural, soy based candle with a piece of lovely jewelry embedded inside the wax of the candle. The neat thing about our Ring Candle is that you may pick your own ring size (we currently offer size 5 to 10 but we accept requests for those of you that have smaller or larger ring sizes than that) so when you do find your jewel, it will fit you perfectly every time!

The other exciting thing about our ring candle is that they are currently offered in 17 amazing scents, but we will soon be adding many more scents to our line. They retail on our website for $28 but we do offer first time customers a discount to try us out so please write us at jewelrycandle@gmail.com for the coupon . We also have an amazing team of sales reps that would love to cater to you as well!

In our whole candle line we offer over 100 scents currently so our slogan around here is "so many great scents you can't just get just one" hehe .. or if you do it might take hours to find just one cause we have so many great ones!

We are always challenging ourselves here to innovate and come up with new products for our reps, fans and customers and always welcome new ideas! If you have any do write us at jewelrycandle@gmail.com we promise to hear you out and thanks for stopping by!

Click here to check out our brand new ring candles we are sure you will find one you love and don't forget to pick your ring size:)

ring candle

ring candle

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  • Nadia Mova
Comments 3
  • maansi shah
    maansi shah

    Hi! i am looking to buy one in time for mother’s day, size 5, and was hoping to get the scent apple harvest. How can i order it?

  • Angela Love
    Angela Love

    I got 2 for my bday and I love it. Smell awesome!!

  • denise watkins
    denise watkins

    I’m really looking at buying one of your candles with the ring it , if you can tell me more about it

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