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Work from home - sell Jewelry Candles and Ring Candle !

If you love Jewelry and love Candles , you have found a website that could change your life:)

Here at Jewelry Candle Company, our amazing staff works very hard to support our ever growing consultants as they grow their home businesses selling our awesome products!

We have everything from Jewelry Candles, Jewelry Tarts, Jewelry Soaps, Wax Roses and Ring Candles and much more to come!

If you would like to apply to become a rep please click here and feel free to browse around the site to learn more about becoming a Jewelry Candles consultant!

Thanks for your time and have a great day!



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  • Misty White on

    Would love an opportunity to sell these and feel successful potential.

  • Kristi Stokes on

    I am interested in selling your candles. I was wanting to see if I could get more information please.

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