If you love flowers as much as I do, nothing excites you more than to get a freshly picked dozen to put in your vase from your favorite friend or loved one! On the other hand though, nothing saddens me more than the day I have to toss them in the trash can a few days later after they die:( That is why we decided it was time to solve that problem here at Jewelry Candle Company by creating our own line of Wax dipped roses that never die and smell good for a very long time!

Our Wax roses are gorgeous, they are wooden buds dipped in scented wax that come in 4 different scent options ranging from fresh cut roses, to lilac to scentless and chocolate dipped! 

Please click here today to visit our awesome collection of Wax Roses and we are sure you will find a color combo dozen you will fall in love with! :)