We wanted to clarify the main differences & similarities between our Jewelry Candles collection vs. our Ring Candles!


The main difference between a Jewelry Candle and a Ring Candle is that with Jewelry Candles you could get 5 different types of pieces of jewelry in your candle and they are; A necklace, a ring, a pendant, an anklet or a bracelet. With a Ring Candle you can only get a ring but you may CHOOSE your own ring size with a Ring Candle whereas with a Jewelry Candle you may not... what you get is totally random and its a true surprise every time :)


The jewel value still works the same with the Ring Candles as it does with the Jewelry Candle. There is a jewel valued from $10 to $7500 in both Ring Candles & Jewelry Candles!


Because of the custom nature of the Ring Candle, the ring candles are a wee more in price as well... A Jewelry Candle is $24.95 plus shipping and a Ring Candle is $28.


Our full line of scents are offered in our Jewelry Candle but since our Ring Candles are a new addition to our line, there is only a partial list of scents currently available in our Ring Candles. Click here to view the scents available in our Ring Candles. With our Ring Candles, your ring is guaranteed to fit every time!


If you would like to see our full list of scents offered in our Jewelry Candles please click here and thanks for stopping by!


Hope that helps clarify the differences between our two amazing lines of candles! =)