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What is a Surname Candle? Surname Candles are highly scented (we offer unscented too for those sensitive to fragrance) soy candles that have your families last name (surname) on the candle. We offer the 1000 MOST popular surnames in the United States so be sure to find yours as they make great personalized gifts! You can even choose the scent that you want in your Surname Candle from our wonderful selection of fragrances in the drop down menu.

Our candles are quite LARGE at 21 ounces and 2.5 pounds in weight! We also put the maximum fragrance load in each candle so the scent smells strong and fills a room but not overwhelming. We use cotton wicks and our own special blend of soy and coconut wax to ensure the candles have a nice clean burn from top to bottom.

What is a surname? A surname is a type of family name that is passed down from one generation to the next. It is a part of a person's name that typically indicates the family or tribe to which that person belongs. Surnames are usually passed down from a person's father, but in some cultures, they can also be passed down from the mother. Some examples of surnames include Smith, Johnson, Williams, and Brown.

DON'T SEE YOUR LAST NAME?! No worries! Contact us at and we can custom make your own Surname Candle label just for you as we don't want to have anybody left out and we know there are a lot more last names out there than we have in our database! Thank you for shopping with us and have a blessed day!

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