Scent Sampler Kit! Our 40 BEST SELLING scents we keep year round!



This kit is for a scent sampler for our 40 core BEST SELLING scents that we keep YEAR ROUND for your customers to sniff before they purchase our products!

These scents have been part of the Jewelry Candle collection pretty much since we started back in 2012 so these are tried and true and customer, consultant and fan favorites year round!

These scent samplers are THE PERFECT way to get customers excited about buying products without actually having to have the products physically to show them because smell is a VERY powerful motivator to get people to BUY! We also made sure that we put our scent samplers in small METAL TINS and the reason for this is so that the scent lasts WAY LONGER in metal than in plastic and stays strong for several years to come!

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