Fuzzy Navel Cocktail Jewelry Candle



Love Cocktails? Love Candles? You will LOVE our brand new line of Cocktail Jewelry Candles! Our Cocktail Jewelry Candles are offered in all of the world's most famous cocktails! The scent of each cocktail candle is OUR rendition of each cocktail drink! Our Cocktail Jewelry Candles also come with a lovely piece of beautiful jewelry inside! So what kind of jewelry you might ask?! Well, you get to pick the type of jewelry (and size if it's a ring!) that you want inside your Cocktail Jewelry Candle! It can range from a necklace, bracelet, a pair of earrings or a pretty ring (we offer rings in sizes 5 through 11) Imagine the surprise on his or her face when they burn their Cocktail Jewelry Candle down and find some pretty bling! There is also a second chance within each Cocktail Jewelry Candle to win another jewelry piece valued up to $7500! Fun, right?!

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