Carnival Cotton Candy Cash Wax Melt



Immerse your surroundings in the perpetual essence of summertime fun with our family favorite: **Cotton Candy!** This delightful fragrance is a fantastic fusion of sticky, sweet vanilla paired with delicate fruity notes, ensuring that the aroma of carnivals stays with you all year long.

**Scent Notes:**
- **Top Notes:** Fruit
- **Mid Notes:** Warm vanilla
- **Bottom Notes:** Spun sugar

Elevate your sensory journey with our Cash Wax Melts, offering an additional layer of excitement to your aromatic experience. Each 5.5-ounce container is filled with highly fragrant soy wax and adorned with a real $2 bill, presenting a unique surprise with every purchase. With six melts and one $2 bill per case, select your preferred scent and luxuriate in over 100 hours of captivating fragrance in your home wax warmer. As an added thrill, our randomized Cash Wax Melt cases provide the exciting opportunity to win extra cash prizes of up to $2500! Transform your space into an extraordinary haven of inviting scents and elevate your sensory experience with the enchanting aroma of Cotton Candy.

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