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Bath Bombs - The original jewelry bath bomb

Searching for a unique jewelry gift for a loved one? We have what you need! In the Jewelry Candles Bath & Body section, we have combined the unbeatable relaxation of a soak in the tub with the stunning gift of beautiful jewelry. We have a variety of bath and body options, including the original jewelry bath bombs and jewelry soaps. Our jewelry soaps are created with high-quality ingredients that will leave your skin healthy and shining, with an extra sparkle of jewels included with each purchase. Each soap includes a surprise jewel that can be valued anywhere from $10 to $7,500.

With the potential to discover diamonds and even real gold in every box, our unique jewelry gifts will add a fun twist to anyone’s time in the tub.

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Created With You in Mind

We’ve crafted each of our finely made jewelry soaps with our customers in mind. With the mission of safety above all else, we’ve included our beautiful jewelry in the box with the soap, but not embedded in the actual soap itself. This ensures that you won’t accidentally scrape yourself or lose your beautiful jewelry as your soap diminishes, and it eliminates the need to use your soap before you can claim your prize. Instead, you are able to see your jewelry and find out its value using our free appraisal program as soon as you open the box!

For customers who want the sweet aromas and health benefits of our high-quality ingredients without the jewelry surprise, we’ve also created quite a few soaps that come without jewels and are available at a reduced price. All of our products are cruelty-free and made with a variety of organic ingredients that will give your skin a signature Jewelry Candles sparkle. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we know that our collection of unique jewelry gifts will have something for everyone.

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While we love the surprise and excitement of the jewelry in our soaps, we have not sacrificed quality in our fun 2-in-1 gifts. Beyond using high-quality, organic ingredients in each of our soaps, we have also created scents and aromas that will speak to everyone. From the flowery smell of Gardener’s Best Friend, to the sweet and salty combination of Lavender Seashore, to the refreshing scent of Spruce Forest, our wide variety of natural aromas are sure to be a hit.

If you’re struggling to decide on a single scent, we also offer jewelry soap packs that allow you to pick a variety of soaps, as well as the amount of jewels you would like included in each pack. With natural scents and beautiful surprises, our soaps are the unique jewelry gift that you’ve been searching for. Find your perfect jewelry soap at Jewelry Candles today!