Jewelry Candle Company decided to create our line of Jewelry Tarts for a few reasons. We wanted to create an alternative to open flamed candles to families with little children and or pets in the household. We all know little kids have a knack for knocking things over and well, just being kids but this can be dangerous when there is an open flame in the household burning. With our Jewelry Tarts, you can now enjoy our amazing scents without the worry . Just get an electric tart warmer, plug it in and our Jewelry Tarts will make your rooms in your home smell amazing just like our Jewelry Candles do! 


Our Jewelry Tarts also make for a great way to affordably try many of our scents if you would like to "try before you buy" one of our Jewelry Candles. Since we are based online, our tarts are an awesome way to try all our scents. Each bag of Jewelry Tarts comes with 6 clamshells of tarts and you may select any scents out of our Jewelry Tarts line that you would like in your bag of tarts. In this bag you also get a piece of jewelry that, just like our Jewelry Candles, can have value from $10 to $7500 to add more fun to it all!


Our Jewelry Tarts also make great samples if you want to become or currently are a consultant. This way your customers can try a lot of our great scents prior to making their selection as to what Jewelry Candles they want to buy:)


Please click here to view our Jewelry Tarts selection today and thanks for stopping by Jewelry Candle Company!


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