We have so many scents in our line here at Jewelry Candles that we decided to start posting and talking about a few of our candles a week in our blog so you are aware of the scents we offer!


The two scents we will talk about today are our Alaskan Adventure Jewelry Candle , one of our current best sellers this summer!


First the Alaskan Adventures Jewelry Candle... We wanted to create something masculine in our new line but something even the ladies would enjoy as well and this is it! Our Alaskan Adventures Jewelry Candle is a rendition of the wonderful men's fragrance, Drakkar!  A great men's musky cologne fragrance that is sure to make but him and her happy when you burn this candle! If you like musky you'll love our new Alaskan Adventures Jewelry Candle! <-- This is our scent description for this scent and it truly is a nice musky, masculine scent that reminds me personally of the smell of my dad when we were growing up haha He always smelled so good and he wore Drakkar so it just makes me smile every time I burn this candle. If you like a musky sweet cologne scent but not too sweet then our Alaskan Advenures Jewelry Candle is for you:) Click the picture below to try it out...


Alaskan Adventure Jewelry Candle