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  • Natural vs. Synthetic Diamonds: What Is the Difference?

    Natural vs. Synthetic Diamonds: What Is the Difference?

    Synthetic diamonds are a great alternative to natural ones, but many people tend to be suspicious of diamonds that are created artificially. Let’s see what synthetic diamonds really are and...

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  • Cleaning and Caring for Your Pearls

    Pearls are a delicate jewelry accessory that requires special treatment. Since they are soft and vulnerable, they can be easily damaged by harsh chemicals or harder gemstones. Since even perfume...

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  • How to Determine the Karat of Gold Earrings

    Gold is a popular choice for earrings, but how can you find out the karat of a pair of gold earrings? Let’s see what options you have for determining their...

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  • How to Calculate the Value of a Diamond Ring

    Valuing a diamond ring comes down to estimating the value of the metal in the band and the price of the diamonds set in it. Let’s see how each of...

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  • Do You Know How to Wear a Pearl Ring?

    Pearls are among the most beautiful and timeless gems, and they can mean so much when given or received as a gift. Pearl rings, in particular, can be a wonderful...

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  • How to Clean a Ruby Ring

    Ruby is a very good choice for a ring, as this stone is very durable. Rated 9 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, ruby is one of the...

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  • Ring Settings Guide

    Before you buy a ring with a diamond or gemstone, you need to decide on the type of setting. Choosing a setting is important as it determines how securely the...

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  • How to Clean a Blue Topaz Ring

    Cleaning rings with blue topaz is relatively simple, provided that you pay attention to some essential tips that will help you to avoid damaging your gemstones and jewelry. Let’s see...

    osagie enaiho |

  • What Is 18-Karat Gold?

    18-karat gold jewelry offers a good balance between durability and purity. Let’s take a look at what this gold alloy is made of and see how you should choose between...

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  • White Gold or Yellow Gold Ring: Which to Choose?

    White gold and yellow gold are both very popular choices for rings. But what should you do when you are undecided about which of the two you should pick? Let’s...

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