Pearls are among the most beautiful and timeless gems, and they can mean so much when given or received as a gift. Pearl rings, in particular, can be a wonderful way to make a unique and stunning fashion statement.

How Should I Wear a Pearl Ring?

Pearl ring with diamonds

Pearl ring with diamonds

There are several popular styles of pearl ring: the cocktail ring, the pearl solitaire, and the multiple-stone pearl ring.

Which style of ring you choose will affect when, where, and how you can wear it, as well as the kind of statement you will make.

Cocktail rings are usually very ornate and glamorous pieces of jewelry.

Some designs feature large pearls in the center of the ring, surrounded by gems or intricate metal work, while others can be made with eye-catching clusters of small pearls and other jewels for a luxurious and dazzling look.

These rings are perfect for fancy nights out, parties, and formal events.

Solitaires are generally more subtle and simple in design, but no less beautiful. They will consist of a single pearl set in gold, silver, or platinum.

Pearl solitaire rings may have a quiet, understated look, although intricate band designs and settings are getting more and more popular these days.

Single pearl rings have a soft beauty about them that makes them wonderful for romantic occasions, so much so that many couples are choosing them for engagement rings.

Multiple-stone rings feature several gems in a cluster or a row. You may find rings that have three or four pearls all in a line or some that display pearls alternating with other jewels like sapphires or emeralds.

These types of rings are very versatile and work for everyday wear; they can be dressed up or down quite easily.

What Can I Wear with My Pearl Ring?

Pearls have a very distinct and graceful look.

Wear your pearl ring with clothing choices that measure up to its standard. Your ring will most likely look out of place paired with an outfit of scruffy jeans and sweat shirt.

Cocktail and evening dresses are always a great option to wear with pearls.

Or for something different, pearl rings can be worn with office wear like a slacks-and-blouse ensemble or even a nice suit; a pearl ring can help emphasize feminine style and softness in otherwise serious or androgynous-inspired garments.

This is not to say that pearl rings cannot be worn with more relaxed outfits; however, keep in mind that baggy or unkempt clothes can make pearls look like an accident.

To wear a pearl ring in a casual atmosphere, be sure to wear tailored styles like a nice pair of jeans and a chic sweater or cardigan.

Pearls are very fragile, especially when set into rings, so avoid wearing them to places or situations where they may get scratched or fall loose.

How to Accessorize My Pearl Ring?

Because pearls have a soft, classic beauty, it’s best to keep other jewelry simple and sweet. A chain necklace and a pair of gold earrings can really tie an outfit together.

For a trendy look that echoes the feminine quality of your pearl ring, consider wearing a headband in your hair. Try to match the headband to the look and style of your ring setting or choose one in a color that matches your specific pearls.

Perhaps the best way to accessorize a pearl ring is with a good manicure. French-tipped nails are always lovely and look amazing with pearl jewelry.

Another nail polish option is to go with your natural nail color and add a glossy or shimmery topcoat. Your nails will be beautiful and, paired with your pearl ring, your hands will look fashionable and dainty.