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Unscented Ring Candle


Our Unscented Ring Candle was created for all of you out there that have allergies to scent or just love the ambiance of a burning candle without any fragrance. Now you can enjoy your the romantic ambiance of dancing light, without any scent. Just like our scented candles, our Unscented candle comes with a ring you can choose in your size.

Premium, all-natural soy wax. Lead-free, unbleached cotton wicks.

Volume 18oz of wax in 21oz container
Produced in Proudly made in the USA
Estimated Burn Time

~100 hours

Transit Time 3-5 Days

Ring Candles are the perfect gift for any occasion, and for anyone you love! Pick your favorite scent, and pick your ring size, and voilà -- instant amazement! Like buried treasure, you’ll find the ring when you burn the candle! Neat, huh? With ring sizes spanning from 5-11, you’ll find the perfect size for that special so-and-so! With jewelry inside each Ring Candle that value from $10, to $7,500 (yes, $7,500!) you never know what you will find!

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