Pray For Rochester Cash Bath Bomb Tube



There is a LOT going on these days in the world so we here at the Jewelry Candle Company decided we'd create a line of "PRAY FOR" Cash Bath Bomb Tubes to bring some light and hope to all the areas affected by this terrible virus. We have all the states and all the major cities as part of this collection so please be sure to find yours and send one to a friend or family member to bring them some joy in these dark times.

Each Cash Money Bath Bomb Tube has a REAL $2 bill inside it. Within each Cash Money Bath Bomb Tube, there is also a chance to win a cash prize worth up to $2500! You will also be allowed to choose the scent that you want for this candle! * Cash Money Bath Bomb is just a novelty item and we DO NOT give odds! Winners are chosen at total random as this is all just for fun!

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