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Fresh Linen GIANT Jewelry Surprise Bear

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What is a Jewelry Surprise Bear? Jewelry Surprise Bears are the world's LARGEST wax melt in the shape of a gummy bear with a beautiful jewelry surprise inside! Each Jewelry Surprise Bear has a pretty piece of jewelry inside that can range from a ring, necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings. If you choose a ring you can even select your ring size from size 5 through size 11 that way the ring is sure to be the perfect fit on your finger! Just choose the type of jewelry you want from the drop down menu and that is what you'll get inside your Jewelry Surprise Bear! The jewelry you get inside will have a value of $15 but there are also random Jewelry Surprise Bears that can get an additional FREE piece of jewelry valued up to $7500! 
Product specs;
They weigh on average 1 POUND, are 7 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width. They are 2 inches THICK!  These GIANT Teddy Bear Melts make the perfect gift for yourself, friends or loved ones for their wax melters! These not only smell amazing but they are the perfect cute accessory and conversation piece for your home.  Each Giant Teddy Bear Melt comes wrapped in gold foil (think Easter bunny chocolates!) to add to the fun surprise when you open them up! We also always include a free bag of gummy bear candy with them so you can compare the size difference of a gummy candy versus this big monster GIANT gummy melt and have a sweet treat to enjoy for yourself!
There is NOTHING better than the scent of clean, sun-dried laundry taken in from the line! Our Fresh Linen Jewelry Candles scent is just that: a fresh, clean scent, rounded out with a clear, floral musk. Beautifully clean, crisp, and pure!
Scent Notes
  • Top Notes: Flowers
  • Bottom Notes: Clear musk