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Introducing the world's largest rose ball-shaped wax melt - the Rose Ball Cash Wax Melt! Our Rose Ball Cash Wax Melt is made of highly scented soy coconut wax, shaped like a bunch of small roses, and comes with a cash surprise inside. With a real $2 bill inside every ball, and a chance to win up to $2500 in additional cash prizes, the Rose Ball Cash Wax Melt is a must-have for any wax melt enthusiast!

Available in many different scents and colors to match, these balls weigh a whopping 1 pound and are about the size of a softball. The scent lasts for over 100 hours in your wax melters, making your home smell amazing for days on end. We use only the highest quality essential oils to provide a great scent that will fill your home with wonderful aromas.

Our Rose Ball Cash Wax Melt is not just a regular wax melt; it's an experience! Imagine melting down this ball of highly scented wax and watching as small roses begin to appear. And the best part? You never know how much cash you will find inside!

So, whether you're a fan of wax melts or just love the idea of winning cash prizes, our Rose Ball Cash Wax Melt is perfect for you. Try it out today and discover why it's the world's largest and most exciting rose ball-shaped wax melt!

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