Candle Of The Month Club Gold Package Three Candles, Once A Month, For 3 Months



Our Gold Packages contain 3 surprise Jewelry Candle,
delivered once per month, once every month for 3 months,
or once every month for an entire year.
This Gold Package is for 3 candles, delivered once a month, every month, for 3 months. The total is the prepaid price, so you will only need to pay once to receive your package.

Our Candle of the Month Club is a fun, festive, (and fragrant!) way to show someone you’re thinking about them! Purchase a Bronze Package for 1 candle delivered every month, 3 months, or a year! Just absolutely adore candles & beautiful jewelry to boot? Well, we have our Silver Packages that contain 2 candles once per month, once a month for 3 months, or an entire year! Want the biggest bang for your buck? Our Gold Candle of the Month Package(s) is the one for you! 3 amazingly scented Jewelry Candles — delivered once a month, once for 3 months, or for an entire year! That’s a lot of candles!

Our Candle of the Month Club is special because we pick the best scents to be sent to you. Not only that.. they’re your favorites! Jewelry Candles, silly! You’ll get a piece of jewelry in every candle.

When selecting what option you would like to subscribe to, please take note to pick a ring size with your order. Will you always get a ring if you do? No. This is precautionary as we don’t want to send you something you can’t wear at all.

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