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Baked Apple Pie Ring Candle

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Everyone loves the smell of a freshly baked apple pie.This amazing Baked Apple Pie Ring Candle just like a fresh pie right out of the oven like your mother loves to make! Hidden inside this candle is a lovely piece of jewelry.


Premium, all-natural soy wax. Lead-free, unbleached cotton wicks.


18oz of wax in 21oz container
Produced in
Proudly made in the USA
Estimated Burn Time

~100 hours

Transit Time 3-5 Days

How it Works

Our Ring Candles are amazing! With Ring Candles you can choose your ring size from size 5 through 11 and the jewelry is always a surprise! Inside our Ring Candles you may find a jewelry piece with a minimum retail value of $15 all the way up to $7500.

If you love beautiful rings and you love highly fragrant, premium soy candles, you'll love our Ring Candles. Feel free to browse our awesome selection below as you are sure to find a great fragrance for you or your loved one and thanks for shopping with us here at Jewelry Candles!

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