Aquarius | Zodiac Candle®

Short Description Interesting Things

Aquarius-born people are generally shy and quiet, but on the other hand, they can be eccentric and energetic! However, in both cases, they are deep thinkers and highly intellectual people who love helping others. They are able to see without prejudice, on both sides, which makes them people who can easily solve problems. They can easily adapt to the energy that surrounds them, Aquarius-born have a deep need to be some time alone and away from everything, in order to restore power. People born under the Aquarius sign, look at the world as a place full of possibilities.

Your Zodiac Symbol
  • Zodiac Symbol:Water-bearer
  • Constellation:Aquarius
  • Element:Air
  • Ruling Planets(s):Saturn (Ancient), Uranus (Modern)
  • Detriment:Sun
  • Color(s):Light Blue, Silver
  • Day:Saturday
  • Lucky Numbers:4, 7, 11, 22, 29
  • Strength(s):Progressive, original, independent, humanitarianism, a good listener
  • Weakness(es):Expressing emotions, being temperamental, uncompromising, aloof
  • Likes:Having fun, helping others, fighting for causes, intellectual conversations
  • Dislikes:Limitations, broken promises, loneliness, dull/boring situations, disagreements
  • How it Works
    Our Zodiac Candles are the perfect gift for any friend or family member that pores over their horoscope every morning. Your loved ones will be over the moon when they receive a sweet-smelling candle with their astrological sign across the front. This decadent, scented soy candle will certainly be a hit!

    Of course, your loved ones will receive much more when they open up a Zodiac Candle. We’ve hidden a piece of jewelry inside every candle, like buried treasure just waiting for your friend to find! What’s inside your candle? Only the stars know for sure… and that’s part of the fun!
  • Ingredients
    Premium, all-natural soy wax. Lead-free, unbleached cotton wicks.
  • Specifications
    18oz of wax in 21oz container
    Produced in
    Proudly made in the USA
    Estimated Burn Time

    ~100 hours

    Transit Time 3-5 Days