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Ring Candles

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Ring candles are a delightful gift that combine the beauty of a scented candle with the surprise of a hidden ring, valued at a minimum of $15. You can choose the perfect ring size, from size 5 through size 11, ensuring there's an option for everyone. Simply select your preferred scent and ring size, and you'll have the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!

Our ring candles boast an impressive burn time of over 80 hours. They are crafted from premium soy wax and blended with the safest essential oils. Each candle is presented in an elegant 21-ounce status jar, making it a charming addition to your home decor.

For an extra touch of excitement, some of our randomized ring candles may include a second piece of jewelry valued up to $7,500. You never know what surprise awaits you

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