Dr Pepper Soda Pop Cash Wax Melts



 Love the smell of Dr Pepper? Introducing our Dr Pepper Soda Wax Melts, an extraordinary sensory experience enclosed in a real Dr Pepper can. Immerse yourself in the authentic aroma of Dr Pepper soda with these meticulously crafted wax melts. Boasting over 100 hours of indulgent fragrance, these melts capture the irresistible essence of Cherry Dr Pepper soda, creating an utterly amazing olfactory delight.

But that's not all—each Dr Pepper Soda Cash Wax Melt can comes with a guaranteed surprise: a genuine $2 bill tucked inside. Plus, the excitement doesn't stop there! Random Dr Pepper Soda Wax Melt cans may contain an additional cash prize, with a chance to win up to $2500! Elevate your ambiance with the distinctive scent of our Dr Pepper Soda Wax Melts – a unique fusion of nostalgia, luxury, and unexpected delights.

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