With the release of our new Jewelry Candles scents here come the 20th of this month, we will also be releasing a lot of our new scents in Ring Candles as well! yay!
We will be adding all sorts of new scents to both our lines and we are so excited to share them with you as we have worked very hard to make all this happen! We will also be releasing MANY new Jewelry Tarts scents as well to our line!
Along with all this exciting news we also have a huge assortment of products we will be releasing moving into the future so keep your eyes peeled for all these goodies and don't forget to add all these goodies to your wishlist :)
Thanks for keeping up with our Jewelry Candles and Ring Candle blog and check back often for new news! Have a great weekend!  Please feel free to comment below for scents that you would like to see in our new Jewelry Candles and Ring Candles scents coming out this 20th of September we look forward to seeing em :)