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Ring Candle - Ring In A Candle - A Perfect Fit Everytime !

Ring Candle by Jewelry Candle Company is our brand new line that allows you to now choose your own ring size.

With Ring Candles, its simple , just select your ring size, from size 5 to 10 , order your candle and your ring will fit perfect every time!

Our fans and reps asked for it and we listened!

Our regular Jewelry Candles still work the same way so no worries and they are still $24.95 but our Ring Candles retail for $28 due to the customized nature of the candles.

Thanks again for checking our our products here at Jewelry Candle Company and thanks for all the love you've shown us. 


Click here to check out our new Ring Candle collection!


Nadia and the JC TEAM!








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