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About Our Jewelry Tarts

Nadia Mova |


Many of you are asking how our Jewelry Tarts work so we decided we'd explain briefly here :)


We've allowed it so you may mix and match up to 6 different scents with our Jewelry Tarts and basically "build your own custom tarts bag" This is hands down the most popular option for our fans and customers because now you can try all our amazing scents without having to buy all our candles at one time:) It's a very cost effective and fun way to try out our huge variety of scents in a budget friendly way! The awesome thing about this option as well is that in every bag of tarts, you get a jewel! Yet another huge plus to buying a bag of Jewelry Tarts .


Excited? Great, just click this link here to build your own bag of Jewelry Tarts today! Here is the link >>


They will make your home smell amazing! Enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for our ever growing new scent additions both in our Jewelry Tarts as well as our Jewelry Candles !!!