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Candle Fundraisers - Jewelry Candle Fundraiser

Nadia Mova |

You'll love our new Jewelry Candles Fundraiser!

(It's FREE!, Fast, Easy and Profitable!)

Jewelry Candles are loved and adored now all over the country and in all different parts of the world and now your organization can sell them as a fundraiser! Friends and family will love to buy these adorable candles from you to help support your cause!

You earn 30% profit for your organization

People love having a unique and exciting alternative to sweets, cookies, coupon books and other inferior products

We make the whole process of fundraising with Jewelry Candles super easy to streamline the whole process for your organization

We offer two selling seasons so you can raise money all year long with Jewelry Candles

Your customers will love the wide range of scents that we offer in our Jewelry Candle fundraiser as well all the beautiful jewelry pieces they find in their Jewelry Candles!

You may download a copy of the actual fundraiser catalog BELOW so you can show your PTA, church, team or organization then when you are ready to get started just give us a ring at 502-230-1457 and let us know how many people will be involved in the fundraiser! We will then send you out fundraiser catalogs and you are off and running selling Jewelry Candles! When you are done selling, just have your organization send us a check for the total sales plus $50 flat rate shipping (this shipping fee covers all the candles being shipped to the organization whether you sell just 10 Jewelry Candles or you sell 1000 Jewelry Candles its just $50 to get em' to ya!) and once we get the check you will receive all your Jewelry Candles within 5 to 7 days after we get the check! It's that simple!

Grab your digital copy of our Fall & Winter Fundraising Catalog below!

Right-click & "Save as.." to save your copy here.
(Or just view the PDF in your browser by simply clicking.)

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