Aloha! GIANT Teddy Bear Jewelry Wax Melts



Our Aloha Wax Melts will bring back those childhood memories with sweet fruity notes of apple, pineapple, papaya, apricot, guava, orange, & passionfruit.

What is a GIANT Teddy Bear Jewelry Wax Melt? Teddy Bear Jewelry Wax Melts are the world's LARGEST wax melt in the shape of a cute teddy bear with REAL jewelry inside the bear's tummy when you melt it down! They all come with a jewelry piece with minimum value of $15 inside them when you melt them down. Random Teddy Bear Jewelry Wax Melts will get an additional piece of jewelry valued up to $7500 inside their bear!
ALL TEDDY BEAR JEWELRY WAX MELTS COME WITH A PIECE OF JEWELRY INSIDE THEM NO MATTER WHAT. They weigh on average 3/4 of a pound and are 4 inches in height and 3.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches THICK from front to back! These cute, fluffy Teddy Bear Wax Melts are not just adorable but they are also highly scented and will make your home smell amazing!
Each GIANT Teddy Bear Wax Melt comes in a gold sachet bag so you can smell them right through the bag! We also always include a free bag of gummy bear candy with them so you can compare the size difference of a gummy candy versus this big monster GIANT Teddy Bear Wax Melts and have a sweet treat to enjoy for yourself!

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