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Cash Candles - Money In Candles

This year, make the old-fashioned cash gift just a little cooler. At Jewelry Candles, you can purchase candles with cash inside! These candles are the perfect two-in-one gift: a delicious scented candle and a little game of chance. How lucky will you be? Just light the candle and you’ll find out!

At Jewelry Candles, we know that a great scent can change your mood and brighten your day. That’s we have a wide selection of candles in a variety of fragrances! Whether you’re a fan of rich, fruity aromas or light, subtle scents, we’re bound to have the ideal candle for you.

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A Two-in-One Gift

When you give a loved one a Cash Money Candle, you’re actually giving them their own personal mystery. Each candle has cash inside, but how much? Who knows! Every single candle is guaranteed a genuine $2 bill (a rare find these days), but you could receive more -- up to $2,500!

These candles are great gifts for any occasion. Celebrating someone’s birthday? The Birthday Cake candle has a sweet vanilla scent, and the sweet promise of a prize. Is your boss retiring? The Footprints in the Sand Candle has the relaxing scents of jasmine and orange, and some surprise cash.

Candles, Gifts, and More

Our candles with cash inside are only one of the many novelty gifts Jewelry Candles has to offer. In our online store, you’ll find all kinds of gifts! Choose from candles, bath bombs, wax tarts, and even slime. Many of these items contain surprise gifts like cash, jewelry, or gold nuggets.

Whether you’re shopping for a friend or family member, buying inventory for your boutique (ask us about wholesale and co-branding options), or simply getting yourself a treat, Jewelry Candles is the ideal place to find great gifts. All of our products are vegan, cruelty-free, American-made, and so much fun to use!

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