25 Cat Behaviors That Seem Random, but Really Aren't

From scratching couches to dropping jars from the kitchen’s counter—cats and their behaviors are unpredictable.

In this article we will pull off the curtains on strange things that cats love to do

Nail biting

Cats love manicure and when their masters are busy and don’t have time to give them a perfect manicure, they prefer to do it themselves. But there are many reasons why your kitty does it. It may also be because of anxiety.

Eye of the tiger
Your kitty may some times give you the eye of the tiger which can be described as “looking penetratingly.” They do it when they are prepared to pounce on the prey.

If you find your cat running here and there and bouncing on the couch so don’t worry! She is just enjoying herself.

Unladylike sitting
Ever wondered why do they sit in unladylike posture? Because they find this position highly comfortable. When a cat is relaxed and calm, she enjoys sprawling with legs open.

Rubbing against objects
Why do they rub against you and other objects? The chief reason for her doing so is that she loves rubbing against the things and human she owns and wants the whole world to know it.

They cover their poop
Cats love to keep themselves clean and make sure that nobody ever finds their poop anywhere. For that reason, they cover their poop carefully once they are done.

Not only they hiss to show anger, but also fear and anxiety. Many times, cats hiss when they are agitated or to warn you to stay off and avoid a “cat fit.”

Cats are one of the most curious animals on Earth with their natural instinct to inspect every object they see. They love to observe things silently and in an inquisitive manner.

Twitching ears
When cats twitch their ears back and forth, they are actually expressing agitation and anxiety. This act is to let you know that you are being irritating and they want you to back off.

Pointed ears
Now you must be wondering why they have their ears pointed in some situations! They do it when they are alert and are ready to pounce into action when needed.

Short meow
A brief and little meow is actually a greeting from your cat. So, appreciate your kitty for saying “Hello” after seeing you around. This is an act of gratitude so say hello back to your kitty!

Loud meow
A loud meow means “I am hungry mommy, feed me something!” so when you hear them meowing loudly around you, give them their favorite food.

Acting like a baby
When your kitty sits and rolls around like a baby does, it means she is seeking for your attention. Give them some nice ruffles and let them sit on your lap for a while.

Cats chatter! They make weird sounds from their teeth when they are probably frustrated and annoyed. So, calm them down with gentle treatment and some good food when they chatter.

Crazy cat lady
Sometimes the cat may get crazy and do unexpected things. This is how they let their excess energy go off. So, don’t worry and let them go a bit crazy by rolling around and making awkward sounds.

Laying on objects
When cats lay on objects like newspaper, keyboards and tables, it means your cat needs you to be near and wants to play around with you.

Rolling in the streets
This is their most favorite job and they do it passionately! They roll on the ground when they are playful and full of energy.

Sleeping on chest
Like humans, cats adore sleeping on the chests of their owners. They cuddle with you lovingly and feel the warmth of your body. So, give your kitty some warm hugs and cuddles.

Sneaky cat
Cats are natural sneaky! They sneak through when they want to hunt prey or to get what they need. This is just another natural instinct of cats

Kneading toes
When they knead paws, they actually express happiness and joy. This is a trait which is taught by their mothers

Tummy up
Like some other animals, cats let their stomach be in the air when they are relaxed, comfortable and happy.

Night owl
Cats love to stay up late like owls. They also enjoy taking short naps which is very not usually found in other animals. Yes! They are unique.

Poop outside the litterbox
When you kitty is angry or frustrated with you. They will poop outside the litter box to teach you a lesson and let you know who is the boss in the house.

Cat bites are for weird reasons. They bite when they are playful, angry, frustrated or anxious. Just don’t yell at her when does it.

Kick attacks
When they attack your feet, they are simply trying to make you engaged in their game. They are actually practice to pounce so contribute with them.