How to Remove Wax from Clothing

Tips on Removing Wax from Anything

Candles & wax tarts are a beautiful, romantic way it is to make your home smell inviting, the ambiance of flickering light is unmatched; but it's not fun cleaning up the mess if someone has an accident! Here we've compiled a few tips to help combat a waxy spill on a number of surfaces.

  • Take some ice and apply to the wax to stiffen it. Scrape the wax off with something thin. But don't use anything too sharp (like a knife) or you might damage whatever you're trying to remove the wax from!
  • On hard surfaces, use a hair dryer to melt the wax and rub off with a cloth.
  • For wooden surfaces, rub in a cream furniture wax to the area, this could help get the wax off.
  • For carpets, put a paper bag on top of the wax, gently run a iron over it until all the wax transfers to the paper bag. Easy peasy!
    • Pro tip: You can also use this method to remove wax from fabrics like clothes! Get another paper bag, or newspaper under the cloth and one on top and iron on medium heat until all the wax is on the top bag.
      • Pro tip #2: No clothes iron? Use a hair straightener!
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