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You Had Me At "Woof!" - Greeting Melt

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You Had Me At "Woof!" - Greeting Melt

Sure, they run around like they've lost their minds at night.. but they love you none-the-less. Why else would they bring you presents when they're least wanted? Their purrs soothe what ails you, so they're worth it. These wax melts are TWICE the size of our normal tarts [a whopping 5.5oz!]!

Each Greeting Melt comes with a hidden jewel within it that has a value from $10 to $7500! Yes, the jewel is INSIDE the tart itself! You must melt the tart to get your lovely piece of jewelry!

Choose from a Ring, Necklace, Pendant, Bracelet or a pair of Earrings inside your Jumbo Jewelry Tart!

What will you find in your Jumbo Jewelry Tart?!

* The jewel shown in the picture is just an example of what you could get in your Jumbo Jewelry Tart! We offer thousands of different styles and designs of jewelry in our Jewelry Candles so you never know what you are going to get! It is always a surprise!