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Start Fast Package Jewelry Candles Rep Kits

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Do you love Jewelry Candles? Would you love to be your own boss, work your own hours from the comfort of your home, and make unlimited amounts of extra cash? Well then why not partner with us and become an official Jewelry Candles representative!!

There are TONS of benefits to becoming a Jewelry Candles representative! Just to name a few….

  • 20% Personal Discount on all of your purchases!! (Immediately calculated & applied to your total — no codes required!)
  • 20% Commission earned from all purchases made through your representative site!!
  • Immediate inclusion in our VIP program!

And the best part about becoming a rep with us? Unlike other companies, we think of our reps as more than simply walking dollar signs. We care about our reps and make them our top priority – that’s why we let you decide how much you want to sell, how often and to whom! Once you sign up with us, there are…


Just purchase your kit with us and that’s it! Sell what you like, when you like, to whomever you like, and earn a solid 20% commission from the sale every time. It’s that simple! We don’t auto bill for ANYTHING EVER and do not keep your payment information on reserve. It’s just one and done and you’re on your way to a lifetime of sky’s-the-limit sales on your terms.

So that’s it – it’s truly that simple! We invite you to browse the kits below and pick out whichever one you feel is the perfect fit for you. You’re going to have tons of fun (and make tons of $$$!) working with our amazing team here at, and we couldn’t be happier to have you on board. 

Still don’t see what you’re looking for? No problem! Simply email customer support at and we will gladly help. 

(Please note: Representative kits can not be ordered over the phone. They must be purchased online and all repsmust have internet access in order to access & place orders through their representative website if they wish to receive the 20% personal discount on their purchases.) 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I purchased my kit and can’t wait to get started!!! How long until my website is active and I receive my items? All websites will be reviewed for approvalwithin 48 hours of purchase — however it typically takes less than 8 hours for this process to be completed.  Your physical items will be packed up & sent out within 1-3 business days, and should take about as long to ship. Please contact us ( if you have not received your starter kit/your site is not operational within one week after purchase. 
  • I CAN’T FIGURE OUT HOW TO SET UP MY WEBSITE PLEASE HELP!!! While the website comes almost completely set up for you already, there is a bit of information that you will need to enter into the appropriate fields (name, number, password…easy stuff, we promise!!). Simply follow the prompts and you’ll be done setting up your site in no time. Still having trouble? It’s OK, don’t panic! Take a deep breath and either shoot us an email ( or give us a call (1-800-513-1675) and we will be happy to help you complete setting up your website.  (Please note: When initially setting up your rep website, we highly recommend using a desktop PC or laptop rather than a mobile phone or tablet. It is possible to do so on a phone or tablet, however load times do tend to take a bit longer.)
  • I’m already a representative for Jewelry Candles, but I would like to order another representative kit due to the great value…Is this allowed? ABSOLUTELY! We highly recommend purchasing rep kits whenever you are in need of more catalogs, scent samplers, need a new shirt or just want to receive lots of Jewelry Candles goodies at a huge discount since the kits offer incredible savings. Worried about getting doubles of scent samplers, shirt styles, etc? No problem! Simply email us ( with your order number and details of what you received in your previous kit(s) and we will do our best to send you brand new scents/styles/etc.!
  • That 20% commission sounds great! But when/how/how often will I get paid? We offer payouts via mailed check or Paypal deposit, whichever you prefer! The only requirements for payout are that you have a minimum of $25.00 in your account and have not requested a payout two times already within that month (due to Paypal collection fees, we limit the number of payout requests to two per month for each rep, so be sure to space them out as needed). Once you have met the minimum, simply email us ( with your rep account email address, full name, paypal email address or mailing address, and the total commission you have earned. We will complete payment within 72 hours of your request.
  • I’ve got my kit, my website is up and I’m ready to go…any tips for getting started selling? First of all, congratulations on becoming a rep with us!! You’re going to start seeing the benefits fast (if you haven’t already ;D), and we know you’ll have a lot of fun along the way. There’s no pressure to sell, so take your time and do whatever you feel is the most enjoyable for you. We hear from reps that sell mainly online to customers from all over the US thanks to their strong social media advertising game – they post links to theirrep site on their twitter & facebook accounts, hold link-sharing contests to engage customers new and old, and join forums to talk & sell with fans of similar items as ours. Not big on computers? That’s totally fine – You can do a lot in person too! Thanks to the Hostess Incentives program, there’s never been a better reason to throw a party! Just print out a few order forms, grab some of your catalogs & scent samplers, and a few of your best friends & family. Sell a certain amount of products and you’ll even get a little something for yourself or the host for free! Even just wearing your Jewelry Candles Consultant T-shirt can be a great way to start getting customers! It’s extra easy if you pre-make a few business cards with your link on them and then hand them out as people admire and inquire as to just what the ‘Jewelry Candles’ logo on your shirt could mean. If you still aren’t feeling to confident or like you’ve run out of ideas, simply do a little online research on topics such as selling from home or innovative ways to advertise online and you’ll be selling strong in no time. 
  • I tried selling and it’s really not for me / I have to move out of the country / I don’t have time to sell anymore / ETC….Can I deactivate my account and stop being a rep for Jewelry Candles? Yes. HOWEVER, why deactivate when we can just keep your account on hold for you until you feel that you have the ability or desire to come back? While we will shut down a representative account at the rep’s request, we are also more than happy to simply leave your rep site exactly how you left it and keep you active in our system in case you ever wish to come back. There’s no additional costs or requirements of you to do this, and we will even still receive & fulfill your customers orders should someone stumble upon your site (which means you could still accrue commission while you’re away!) in your absence. If you do decide that you would like to shut down your rep site, simply give us 24 hours and we will make it happen. If you ever wish to become a rep with us again, simply purchase another rep kit when you feel the time is right and you’ll be right back on board with us!  

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Customer Reviews

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