Say What?! Emoji Tarts

Our Emoji Tarts are TWICE the size of our normal tarts [a whopping 5.5oz!]!

Add a little fun & personal touch to your gift.. with an Emoji Tart! Yes, the Emojis everyone loves now has a candle that will make everyone smile!

What is an Emoji, you ask? Emojis were made popular in Japan, and has spread worldwide! Translated it means "Picture Character". Sort of like the emoticons from the olden days of the internet! They're meant to add that little something words alone can't describe. (Plus they're super cute!)

Each Emoji Tarts comes with a hidden jewel within it that has a value from $10 to $7500! Yes, the jewel is INSIDE the tart itself! You must melt the tart to get your lovely piece of jewelry!

Choose from a Ring, Necklace, Pendant, Bracelet or a pair of Earrings inside your Emoji Tart!

What will you find in your Emoji Tart?!

* The jewel shown in the picture is just an example of what you could get in your Jumbo Jewelry Tart! We offer thousands of different styles and designs of jewelry in our Jewelry Candles so you never know what you are going to get! It is always a surprise!