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Sandalwood - Jewelry Lotion

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Perfect, petite, and oh-so adorable! Our new Jewelry Lotions feature an all natural, totally Vegan-friendly & Cruelty Free aloe-vera, jojoba oil, and sunflower oil! Lightweight, but thick & creamy when applied. For that down home feel, we've packaged these lotions in 8oz mason jars with a rust-proof lid, and a pump for easy application!

Sandalwood is the perfect "woodsy" scent. Deep, and strong. It leans more masculine, but is enjoyed by everyone!

Each Jewelry lotion bottle comes with a hidden jewel inside the mason jar, within a sachet of it's own. The jewel has a value from $10 to $7500! You could get a Ring, Necklace, Pendant, Bracelet or a pair of Earrings!

What will you find with your Jewelry Lotion bottle?

* The jewel shown in the picture is just an example of what you could get in your Jewelry Lotion! We offer thousands of different styles and designs of jewelry in our Jewelry Candles' brands, so you never know what you are going to get! It is always a surprise!