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Piña Colada Jewelry Tarts (1 Tart With A Surprise Jewel!)-Piña Colada Jewelry Tarts-The Official Website of Jewelry Candles - Find Jewelry In Candles!

Piña Colada Jewelry Tarts (1 Tart With A Surprise Jewel!)


A mouth-watering tropical blend of juicy pineapple and fresh coconut. A delightful scent bringing you back to fun days at the beach!

  • This option comes with one Jewelry Tart with a surprise jewel! (It comes in it's own little sachet!) You pick what type of jewel you want, and we'll send something fantastic!
  • Want a whole bag of Jewelry Tarts that come with a jewel and you get the 6th clamshell FREE? You can also mix and match and pick 6 different scents of Jewelry Tarts for your bag of tarts! Just click HERE for the CREATE YOUR OWN 6 PACK OF TARTS OPTION.

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