Picture Candle Personalized Memories With Jewelry Candles



We're now offering our Picture Candles! A fully customizable, photo-quality, candle label to match any, every, and ALL occasions, gifts, and whatever your heart desires. This candle is the very first of its kind, and is made to be perfect every time!

Picture requirements:

  • Please make sure your image is 800x800 pixels tall & wide. (Most smartphones these days are more than capable of producing this size for you.)
  • We will only accept the following file extensions for your images: PNG, JPG, and JPEG. (We will not accept anything else, as it would be a burden to our system & bandwidth.)
  • While we can produce photo-quality.. we can only provide the quality that is given to us! We will try to make it as perfect as possible, but we can only control so much!
  • Please keep your text to a minimum. 10 words or less. You can request emoticons in place of smileys. This is to keep the text very legible, before and after printing. (We want your loved one to be able to read your note to them!)
  • Submit images you'd want your mother to see! (Please, no inappropriate pictures. We will decline to make the order if this is violated.)
  • Questions? Please send us an email and we'll have our Website Manager get back to you ASAP.

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