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Gardenia Chalkboard Jewelry Candle


A sweet and spicy floral combination of gardenia, zesty orange flowers and tropical tuberose. This scent will literally make your home smell like a fresh garden of Gardenias! This is my personal favorite because I just love Gardenias! The color of the candle being white is also very decor neutral so it also goes with anything that you have decor wise in your home!

Our new Chalkboard Jewelry Candles are awesome! You can write cute personalized messages on the outside just like you would on a chalkboard and of course find a jewel inside the candle!

Each Chalkboard Jewelry Candle comes with a piece of chalk so you can start writing cute messages right away!

What a fun idea right?!?!

Each Chalkboard Jewelry Candle comes with a hidden jewel within it that has a value from $10 to $7500!

You could get a ring, bracelet, anklet, pendant or necklace inside your Chalkboard Jewelry Candles!

What will you find in your Chalkboard Jewelry Candle ?!

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