Wax Roses Fundraisers!

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 If your organization, school, sports team, church or nonprofit is looking to raise some money then our wax roses fundraisers are the ideal way to do so! We are launching our new Wax Roses Fundraiser program today so be sure to consult your consultant or us with any questions you might have!

Here is how the Wax Roses fundraisers work in 3 easy steps!

1. Your organization, school, sports team, church or nonprofit contacts us for order forms and catalogs

2. Then you guys go out into the community and sell our Wax Roses at the suggested retail price of $39.95 per dozen through the catalog for 1 to 2 weeks. We suggest a 2 week fundraiser so you guys really have a good chance to get out there and raise some good money and get maximum exposure in your community! (Don't forget to charge each customer for shipping too it's $5.99 for a dozen for us to ship it directly to them! If they order more than a dozen then just look to our regular shipping fee's here for candles as this applies for the roses too>> )

3. You guys keep 20% or $8 from every single dozen roses that you sell and we collect the rest and mail the roses directly to your customers! It's that simple! We already have several organizations raising a great amount of money with our wax roses fundraisers because everyone loves em' and they sell very fast plus people want to help you raise money for your goals! It's win win all the way around!

Contact your consultant or us at today for more information or any questions you have and thank you for stopping by!



wax candle  wax candle