Jewelry Candles - Letter For Christmas

Jewelry Candle Company is going to be starting our new Letter For Christmas giveaways starting now in September all the way through Christmas day! We wanted to do our part to bring lots of smiles to all those families and kids out there that are going through a tough time right now and have hopes of having a wonderful Christmas. We thought our Letters For Christmas campaign would be a great idea to give back to all those wonderful children and families out there going through tough times to give them hope for a great future and a very Merry Christmas Day this year!



How the program works is very simple;


Step 1; Write a letter to us telling us what your situation is and why you think yourself, your mom, your sister , your sibling or whomever is deserving of a Jewelry Candle gift this year for Christmas. Please be as specific as possible as to why you think you or your loved one is so deserving of this lovely gift from us.


Step 2. If your letter is chosen you will be one of 4 lucky people each month from now till Christmas day that will be put on a list to get a free Jewelry Candle product for the holidays this year and for Christmas day! We will be putting 1 new person on our list each week from now all the way through Christmas Day so feel free to get your friends and family involved as well on writing letters to the Jewelry Candle Company Santa Claus :) Below is where you type and submit your Letter For Christmas to us! ..


Fill out my online form.


Thank you in advance for participating and sharing your letters with us and we promise to read em' all!