Jewelry Candles - In Our Fans Words!

Hello and welcome to Jewelry Candles! We were going to write on here explaining to those of you that are new to our website here at Jewelry Candles as to why Jewelry Candles are the perfect and most unique gift for your loved ones. We thought though that our Jewelry Candles fans would be better to give you many reasons why our candles are the best unique and original gift. Below are just a few of their comments and recommendations hope you enjoy=) 

  • Amy  Candles and jewelry together in one gift. What girl would not enjoy unwrapping a Jewelry Candle?

  • Melissa  Jewelry candles are a unique gift that's sure to please even the most hard to please!!

  • Melissa  What lady wouldn't love a delicious smelling candle and a gorgeous piece of jewelry? well with Jewelry Candles you don't have to choose, you get both :)
  • Krista  Jewelry Candles. Not only will your loved one receive a delightfully scented candle, which burns for up to 150 hours, but they also will receive a piece of jewelry that can be worn to remind your loved one just how much you care.
  • Melissa  Looks Great..Smells Great,,and a surprise in the middle,,Over board..GREAT gift for any occasion.

    Paula  As a mom I always have to tell my boys exactly what to buy me and it is never very exciting to open gifts. With a jewelry candles, it is easy for my boys to buy me something I want but I will have a big surprise in it that no one has seen. It is a win win for everyone especially MOM!

    Kaysha  It's a 3 in one :) candle, jewelry, and jar :)

    Wendie It's like Cracker Jacks for women! There is a jewelry prize inside each one, and could be a real gem!

    Melissa  Jewelry Candles make a perfect gift...Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries..or just as a way to let someone know how special they are to you.Jewelry Candles are perfect for any occasion :)

    Dorothy  It's a surprise inside a beautiful scent. You get aroma and bling. makes a nice surprise birthday gift. Has scents for every holiday to associate with a memory. (i.e. fresh cut flowers Mother's Day - baby powder - baby shower) makes a nice home warming present or good to do as a fundraiser or raffle.

    Jen  You don't get just a candle, you get a surprise inside!!!

    Stephanie  It's like 2 gifts in 1 - what's better than that!


    Stephanie  A jewelry candle is the perfect gift for the hard to buy for person on your gift list.

    Christina  A Jewelry Candle would make the Perfect Unique gift because you get the best of both worlds...An amazingly delightful smelling candle with a surprise piece of jewelry in it!! THAT is a girls best friend :)

    Rhea Because kids who like cereal with a prize inside, grow into adults who like candles that have a prize inside!

    Donna~ Everybody loves candles! Buy Jewelry Candles they smell awesome and you even get a surprise inside the candle. Yes you heard right a piece of jewelry it could be a necklace, ring, earrings, etc. value anywhere from $10 up to $7,500. Come and check out the website for more information. Love Jewelry Candles!

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