How the new consultant websites work..

We wanted to make an easy to follow guide as to how your new rep website works!


First off, there is no need for a password or login with our new rep websites, you only need 2 links! You will NEVER need a login or password for your sites because we wanted to keep things nice and simple for you!


The first link you need which you should have gotten when you signed up in your email looks like this >>


Now , if you would like to customize your link with YOUR name at the end instead of that "2h" for example, just email us with your first and last name and we'll customize your link for you, that simple! That way it is easier for you and your customers to remember and will look like this >> 


Something important to remember is that when you share your link with friends and family your name will show in the link for exactly 3 seconds then disappear. Even though your name disappears though remember, customers are still on YOUR site so anything they buy from your link YOU GET COMMISSIONS FOR!

Those commissions will IMMEDIATELY show up in the second like you got in your initial sign up email,your dashboard link! Be sure to BOOKMARK both your dashboard link and rep link so that it is super easy to get to when you want to share the link or look up your commissions in your dashboard ok?


Your dashboard link will look something like this >>

This is where you can see how many visitors have come to your rep website and how much commissions you have made from your rep website!


FOR PERSONAL REP ORDERS ... all you have to do is go to your rep website link and click on it then shop as you regularly would, after you check out you will notice that your commissions go up . We reimburse your rep discounts via your commissions and pay those out to you on the 15th and 29th of each month, that simple! That is how you get your rep discount!


PLEASE be sure to sign up with your paypal email address when you sign up for your rep website as that is how we will be paying you your commissions on the 15th and 29th of each month. If you DID NOT sign up with your paypal email addy and have a paypal account do contact us with your first and last name and proper paypal email address so we can change it in the system to be sure that you get paid when pay day arrives.


If you do NOT have a paypal account we hope you get one as it is the fastest and easiest way to pay you but we can also cut you a check on the 15th and 29th of each month. Keep in mind checks are mailed on the 15th through the 17th and the 29th through the 1st of each month so you won't get your check on the 15th and 29th but a few days after that.


Thank you and if you have any questions please contact us at