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Cash Bath Bomb Singles | A Cash Surprise in Every Bath Bomb!®

Cash Bath Bombs

Your weekly relaxing bath is about to get a lot more exciting. With Jewelry Candles cash bath bombs you will find a cash surprise in every bath bomb. Bath bombs are a fun and exciting addition to your bath. They offer both color therapy and aromatherapy to your bath time. If you’re unfamiliar with bath bombs, then this is the perfect bomb to try first. Why? Because who doesn’t love cash and who doesn’t love surprises? You can get both with these bath bombs. With a wide selection of scented bath bombs, you’ll find your perfect “me day” scent with the perfect little reward hidden inside.

Why Baths?

Baths have seemingly magical healing powers. They have this wonderful way of making you feel calm and relaxed, especially after a long and taxing day. Taking a bath with a bath bomb can help to exfoliate dry, dull skin. It can also relieve sore, achy muscles. Baths have a mental and physical therapeutic effect on your body, and bath bombs make this effect all the more prominent.

Cash Bath Bombs

Everyone’s favorite surprise gift is, of course, cash. So, whether you’re buying a bath bomb for yourself or for a friend, it’s sure to be a huge hit. The cash bath bombs are 100% vegan, cruelty free, and made in the USA. They make for great gifts for yourself, friends, family, or anyone else you know that might need a little pick me up – including yourself! Choose from a wide variety of your favorite and classic scents like cucumber mint, lavender, Bombshell, and more.

How Do They Work?

These bath bombs are fun and so easy to use. Simply start by drawing yourself a warm bath to a temperature you desire. Once you’ve gotten all your bath supplies, like wine and a good book, drop your bath bomb in, sit back, and relax. As your water transforms into a delightful combination of color and smell, you’ll be transported to a new level of relaxation. Once your bath bomb has dissipated, you’ll find a sweet surprise waiting for you. Yes, it’s really that easy. Money may not “grow on trees” but it does sometimes come out of bath bombs.

Life is Full of Surprises

These 2-for-1 surprise cash bath bombs from Jewelry Candles are the perfect gift for yourself, a family member, friends, or anyone else that you think might need a little pick me up. Life is full of little surprises, so why not embrace it? The cash surprise ranges from a $2 bill in every cash bath bomb, and you could get to up to $2,500! You have to discover those for yourself. So, if you want to find some easy cash, simply order a bath bomb, grab your favorite red or white wine, your book or Kindle, and draw yourself a bath. Because, honestly, is there anything you deserve more right now than a few hours of rest and relaxation? Explore our collection today!

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