Quote Candles | Quotes on Jewelry Candles!

At Jewelry Candles, we love a good inspirational quote. They can cheer you up when you’ve had a difficult day, give you the courage to step out of your comfort zone, or simply make you laugh when you need to. That’s why we’ve created a line of candles with inspirational quotes!

These Quote Candles feature some of our favorite quotes, along with an elegant, new design and all the sweet Jewelry Candles scents you know and love. And of course, our quote candles still include that hidden piece of jewelry, waiting for you to put it on and look your most fabulous.

Quote Candles make an excellent gift for anyone that loves jewelry, candles, and inspirational quotes. Give one to a brand-new graduate, your best friend on her birthday, or your mom on Mother’s Day. Whatever the occasion, your friends or family members are sure to love this fun and special novelty gift.

Brighten Your Day in Every Way

Finding the perfect Quote Candle is as easy as 1, 2, 3! First, look at our collection of quotes, and choose the one that makes you smile. You can pick a cerebral sentiment, like “What we think, we become,” a reminder to “Count your blessings,” or something that makes you laugh -- “Come to the dark side (we have cookies)” is always popular! You can even create your own quote if you’ve got something special in mind.

Once you’ve found the ideal inspirational quote for your candle, you have to choose the perfect scent to match it. Does the aroma of Baked Apple Pie sound appealing, or are Fresh Cut Roses more your style? All of our candles are made from non-toxic soy wax and will burn for up to 80 hours, so choose a scent you truly love!

Finally, you can pick out a piece of jewelry to include in your Quote Candle. We have necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings between $10 and $7500, and every candle is a mystery. Decide on the style of jewelry you want, or select “surprise me” to get a random piece chosen by our team. Then, your inspirational quote candle will be ready to ship right to your door!

Vegan Candles and Novelty Gifts

Just like all our Jewelry Candles products, these Quote Candles are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and hand poured in the USA. When you purchase a candle, bath bomb, or slime from us, you can feel comfortable knowing that you have a high-quality product from a sustainable and ethical company!

Do you have questions about our Quote Candles, or any of our other novelty gifts? Are you interested in any wholesale or retail opportunities? Call our offices at 1 (800) 513-1675, use this form to email your question, or chat with us in the chat box at the bottom of this page. We’re available to answer questions Monday through Friday from 10am-6pm EST.

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