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Looking for a unique and luxurious gift for an astrology-loving friend or family member? Look no further than our Astrology Luxury Birthday Cash Candles! These candles feature real cash inside, along with the recipient's exact astrology sign and birthdate on the label. Plus, every candle comes with a minimum of a real $2 bill and a $100 bill, with the chance to win up to an additional $3000 in cash prizes.

But that's not all - each of our candles is highly scented, made with a premium soy coconut wax blend, and the purest essential oils, ensuring a long-lasting, clean-burning experience that lasts 80 to 100 hours. This elegant gift is perfect for someone who already has everything, and can be easily personalized by selecting the recipient's astrology sign and preferred scent from our drop-down menu. Treat yourself or someone special to the ultimate luxury gift with our Astrology Luxury Birthday Cash Candles!

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