New products coming out soon:)

Be on the look out for 2 new products that will be introduced to our Jewelry Candles line of awesome products!
If you want to guess below in the comment section below as to what you think they might be feel free to do so!
If you guess it right we will send you a free gift:) Have fun and good luck on your guesses:)

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  • Nadia Mova
Comments 4
  • barbara tadokoro
    barbara tadokoro

    I believe one will be some form of may be small beads or scented “rocks” that can be put in a bowl or make sachets with and another could be diffuser oil and sticks

  • Kellie

    Bath salts and soap?

  • Nicole Pippy
    Nicole Pippy

    Soaps and aroma beads?

    I love your products! A lot of my friends from the coastal villages in Alaska love them too! I posted a picture of what I got from one of your candles on facebook and a lot of my friends were telling me that they were going to order candles from you guys! #awesomeprizes

  • jennifer lopez
    jennifer lopez

    Tart warmers……

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